Best Top 10 Paintball Gun Reviews 2021 / Top Rated Markers For Beginner to Pro Players

Top 10 Best Paintball Gun Reviews of 2021
 Top Rated Markers For Beginner to Pro Players

Top 10 Paintball Guns In 2021

For someone who has been playing the paintball game for a while, you would agree with me that the importance of having a very effective gun can’t be overlooked. As you look to improve your hiding and shooting strategies, it is imperative you also lay more emphasis on the gun you use if you want to enjoy a successful gaming session.

Knowing this fully well, many paintball players are always on the lookout for the best paintball gun but it’s quite unfortunate that they often go through rigorous process before getting the one that is close to their desired brand. The Availability of diverse designs, qualities, and attractiveness make it a very difficult task to lay hands on the best paintball markers that will stand the test of time.

Luckily, you won’t have to experience such stress or difficulty whenever you are set to get a paintball for yourself or relatives. Our team of experienced reviewers made a conclusive market survey in search of the best paintballs and their makers.

Interestingly, we were able to lay hands on multiple options. From beginner-friendly paintball guns to the ones that are mainly developed for experts. Having considered features, price, and simplicity; below is our exclusive list of the top 10 paintball markers you should get in 2021.

top 10 paintball markers reviews 2021

1. Tippmann Cronus

First on the list is a brand that gives beginners the chance to explore their shooting potentials without having any tough time doing it. We are talking of no other than the Tippmann Cronus gun which is inarguably one of the best options for inexperienced or intermediate paintball players.

Firstly, its gorgeous and attractive appearance will sweep you off your feet, thanks to the presence of a removable and optional barrel shield. It doesn’t just boast of a very captivating design, its shooting accuracy is second to none which is why many players can’t stop praising Tippmann for creating such an effective paintball playing devices.

Having seen lots of Tippman’s products, it wasn’t a surprise to see The Cronus become one of the most sought-after guns in world today.

It consists of various accessories such as the red dot sights, lights, and awesome grip which are all combined to produce a very effective high-performing Gun. Another reason why this gun comfortably occupies the first spot can be traced to its very cheap and affordable price.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the Tippmann Cronus gun as it is relatively cheap and it’s readily available in almost all e-commerce stores such as Walmart and Amazon.

You are advised to visit here to know its current selling price and how much it will cost you if you want it delivered to your doorstep.

2. Dye Proto Rail MaXXed

Here is another paintball marker that promises to give you a resounding advantage over your opponent during your adventure.

Though its market value is on the high side, trust me if I tell you it worth every drop of your Penny as it possesses some features that will make you want to play the game more often than ever.

The Dye is an experienced brand who has been in the gun-making business for a long time and has produced many mind-blowing products, including this one.

The Dye Proto Rail MaXXed has a barrel that can fire 15 balls within a second. The barrel is 14-inch long and it boasts of a very straight and accurate shooting attributes.

Chopping of paint has been successfully dealt with by its producer; hence you should expect a very hitch-free user’s experience while enjoying the game.

It features an e-trigger as it uses an electronic circuit and autococker firing mechanism. With this feature, you are going to save a huge amount of air throughout the time you spend playing the game.

The Autococker mechanism also helps to reduce recoil, thereby improving your shooting accuracy. Another captivating part of this gun is its lightweight features, thanks to an attractive and precise design. This means you won’t feel any pressure while carrying it.

Lastly, Dye paintball gun has a very compact and sticky grip which makes it stays glued to your hand. This sticky grip allows you to hold the gun very firmly whether you are using a pair of hand gloves or a bare hand.

To some players, this gun appears a bit too high in terms of financial value, while others believe it is a very great product that deserves the price it commands. As for us, it is not advisable for low salary earners as it is a bit expensive.

3. Tippmann A5

Are you looking for a paintball gun that looks more like a real AK47 used in World War II? Your search is over as soon as you lay hands on this Tippmann A5 gun.

This gun features diverse stocks, magazines, grips and barrels; thereby, providing you with the complete ammunition you need to have a better outing against your opponents or enemies.

Protect yourself by turning defense into the attack with the help of the gun’s mind-blowing fire selector (at the grip) which permits you to release 15 paintballs within a second.

Though the fire selector has a very impressive single-shoot mode, you can decide to explore its electronic trigger version which supports both complete auto shoot and single angle-shoot mode. However, to enjoy the electronic trigger, you will have to upgrade your grip to one that supports it.

A5’s threaded barrel is one of the reasons why this gun is being loved and valued by the paintball players as it can be used with other types of paintball guns. Therefore, you can easily make use of the barrel at any given time as it is compatible with many other markers.

It will interest you to know that the A-5 gun has a kit that consists of tank, neck guard, goggles, harness, and paint tubes which will all help you get ready for an eventful gaming period. Talk of loading speed, The Tippmann A5 marker features a cyclone loading system which means you can load the gun with ease and speed.

The system also helps it prevent chopping of paint. It’s inarguably one of the best options for top, experienced and intermediate players who want a gun that has value for their money.

Judging by the features discussed above, one would expect it to command a steep price tag but that isn’t the case. It is quite affordable and cost effective; you can take a very quick glance at its financial worth here.

4. Spyder MR 100

Talk of design, quality, and effectiveness, the Spyder MR100 has all of them in stock as it is rated among the best paintball markers making headline in 2020.

It consists of a long sturdy barrel which helps in providing an accurate shooting experience. Taking a first-time look at the MR100 gun, we mistakenly took it to be the Tippmann Cronus gun due to their close similarities.

However, after a close look at the design, we realized there are slight differences between the two products. It features a black color design which makes it look extremely great and attractive, while its durable materials simply mean it can stand the test of time.

The gun is suitable for either speedball game or woodsball as a result of its default double trap trigger system. Also, the long barrel ensures that the Spyder MR100 Marker can aim at a very long distant object or opponent.

Are you an inexperienced shooter who is just entering into the paintball gaming industry? This gun is perfect for you as it is known for its user-friendly features and attribute. You can visit here to see how much it currently costs and how to get it delivered at your doorstep in less than a week.

5. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

Here’s another gun from the stable of the highly-rated Tippmann brand that promises to give you a fun-filled shooting experience all through the time you spend on the game.

It’s not just its attractiveness; this Project Salvo Gun is made with quality materials and a highly effective shooting range.

Apart from being one of the best paintballs markers in the industry, Tippmann Project Salvo also boasts as another quality gun that can be used in woodsball and indoor RecBall games. It is a must-have for everyone who wants reality-looking guns and someone who wants to enjoy one of the best simulation gaming experiences.

With lots of red dot sight, collapsible rear stock, and front grip; this marker can be used for diverse shooting games of your choice. You’ve got no reason to lose any battle with it, thanks to its cyclone field system which allows you to shoot not less than 15 balls at a go.

Like every other product listed already, the Project Salvo gun is made up of a long barrel which enhances its accuracy and effectiveness. Meanwhile, we must point out that this gun is slightly heavier than the ones listed above— no thanks to the possession of many accessories and elements.

6. Empire Mini

Sixth on our list is the Empire Mini gun which is tagged by experienced players as a ‘simple but quality marker’

Just as the name implies, this gun falls among the list of very portable equipment you will see in the market. However, the mini size doesn’t stop its shot from traveling a long distance.

You shouldn’t have any problem handling it while you are on an adventure, thanks to its very portable size which makes it lightweight and easy-to-control equipment.

It’s made up of an electronic trigger system that boosts its shooting capacity and accuracy. All you need do is pull the trigger and you will get the exact result as long as you are a great sniper!

It features a two-handle design for more comfort, and a pressure gauge — situated at the top of the air connector— for you to easily monitor the level of air remaining in your air tank.

Having considered other attributes like impressive quick-fire, and great longevity, we have no doubt it is one gun that many newbie(s) should go for.

7. Tippmann 98 Custom

This is another highly impressive and one of the most sought-after guns paintball gamers can’t ignore over a long period.

Firstly, its affordability is second to none while its attractive and gorgeous design remains its strongest and major selling point.

Are you interested in simplicity? You have it in this marker as it is mainly designed for beginners who are only entering into the industry for the first time.

Known for its universal Picatinny rail system, Tippmann 98 Custom provides users with the opportunity to make use of red dot sight which supports sharp target reflection.

This Tippmann marker is a tested and trusted product that has all it takes to give you a head-on start to your paintball gaming career.

Meanwhile, you can easily upgrade its barrel to total flat-line which is known for more accuracy and effectiveness, thanks to its HPA-powered mechanical operation.

Take a look at its market price and see why we rate it as one of the cheapest paintball markers you would ever come across in 2020.

8. Empire Axe

Are you interested in having a marker that unleashes paints at an alarming and mind-blowing speed? If yes, your search is completely over with the Empire Axe.

This is a tested and trusted marker that possesses all you will ever require to win a major tournament. The reason for this isn’t farfetched! First, it consists of at least three firing modes — including single shot, full auto, and ramping — which guarantee a lay down of heavy shot.

The Empire brand never compromises the quality their brand is known for when developing this gun. So, it is mostly utilized by advanced paintball players.

Adjustable E-trigger system, coupled with its accuracy and versatility, this means the Empire Axe can be deployed for any kind of marker-related games such as Woodsball. Though it is largely believed that only advanced or expert can use the gun, amateur gamers can also try it out.

9. Tippmann X7 Phenom

It seems we can’t stop rating Tippmann brand as they occupy another spot yet again. This time, X7 Phenom takes the center stage as it is equally one product that has been receiving positive remarks from users since it was first released to the marketplace.

You can make it look more like your own through its customizable features. Though it comes with mechanical single-shot mode, the brand allows you to upgrade the shooting system from a single shot to the E-Grip feature which is characterized by a full-auto three-round burst, and the initial single-shot fire version.

With this awesome gun, you can continue playing your game even if your battery goes off. Once you find yourself such unhealthy situation, just quickly switch your shooting mode to the default single-shot mode that is fuelled by an undying propellant. However, this is only available to users who have upgraded to the E-Grip feature.

It is said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, you should turn off the gun’s internal circuitry to save more of the battery to stop its battery from dying. Its ability to travel a long distance while maintaining its great accuracy makes it suitable for woodsball players.

Other laudable features of this marker include a lightweight framework and compact body kit. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most expensive guns produced by the well-known Tippmann brand.

10. Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

This is another good option if you are looking for an impressive high end Paintball gun made of long-lasting materials.

With its adjustable stock located in the back, you can push the gun either in or out until it comfortably rests on your shoulder.

You can easily store all accessories, including light, in the Picatinny rail which is right there at the back of the marker.

Its repositionable handle gives you maximum control over the gun as you can decide how you want its handle to look in terms of length and shape.

The Alpha Black Elite has a steel airline and steel tank, while a very long barrel is required as a result of its lengthy shroud. An 18-inch APEX 2 barrel is largely recommended if you must enjoy its overall performance.

Whether you are a fan of the E-Grip, Response Trigger, or Cyclone Feed fire Systems, this marker is highly compatible with your choice.

The Best Paintball Pistols

Take a second look at the ten guns listed above; you will realize that pistols aren’t included in the list. This is because we have a unique plan for players who have an extreme love for pistols. We will also be discussing the top three pistols that can serve as a backup option for any of the brands above.

Apart from the fact that pistols are very light in weight and can be carried around so easily, their effective performance is another reason why it is advisable you have them as an alternative option whenever you’re playing the game. So, let’s take a look at our top three paintball pistols you should consider today.

1. Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol

The mark of excellence attached to the Tippmann brand is so high that many paintball players can’t stop falling in love with most of the brand’s guns.

The pricey Tippmann TiPX Paintball pistol is a model you should possess as a backup option if you must enjoy a successful gaming session. It consists of 3 magazines which are very easy and fast to reload as it contains seven rounds of standard paintball ammunition.

Its small under-barrel rail provides you with the opportunity to attach accessories, including laser sight, to the gun for more accuracy and better overall performance. The small CO2 cartridges located under the barrel makes firing very fast and accurate.

Made of quality materials, the gorgeously designed gun is expected to stand the test of time. However, its greatest shortcoming remains its expensive nature which strategically makes it a no-go option to low salary earners.

2. Kingman Eraser 0.43 Caliber Paintball Pistol

Talking of a very small-sized gun, Kingman Eraser 0.43 Caliber Paintball is one of the smallest pistols you would see as far as paintball pistol is concerned.

Thanks to its small size, you can move freely from one spot to another during the do or die mission game. Exploring its integrated magazine means you have no reason to experience an unwanted hopper or tube while firing the balls.

This pistol fires at 250 fps and it shoots small 0.48 caliber rounds, hence it possesses very strong firepower. This marker features tiny CO2 cylinders, durable aluminum, durable gear, and attractive design.

Conclusively, it’s mainly created for experienced and professional players. Nonetheless, newbie still has a slim chance of using it without undergoing difficulty.

3. JT ER2 Pump Pistol

Surviving for your life in a paintball game requires constant jumping and sporadic shooting; hence, it’s expedient you have a very durable pistol that can withstand lots of pressure.

Look no further than the JT R2 Pump pistol as it is known for its ability to stand the test of time while it equal permits you reach the highest height you can. This compact handgun style gun consists of three loaded tubes each of which contains ten (10) 0.50 caliber paintballs.

The presence of two small CO2 containers ensures you can fire at any object or opponent from a long-range distance. It is user friendly and can be used for other like indoor games.

Unfortunately, judging by its tube feed system; this marker isn’t the most compact product in the industry.

With its affordable price tag, both low and high-income earners can get this gone without affecting their budget. This is one sidearm gun that many casual players would love to have in their arsenal.

The Ultimate Paintball Gun Buyers Guide

Choosing a gun from thousands of available options can be overwhelming if no experienced player is right there to guide your decision.

That is the major reason why we discussed exclusively the top ten paintball guns and the top three pistols you will come across in the markets this year.

In case you aren’t satisfied with what we’ve said so far, here’s our in-depth buyer’s guide that promises to further help you choose the best paintball marker in the market.

Paintball Guns and Pistol: Going For the Suitable Model

Be told that your style and field of play will determine the type of gun you should go for. If you are that type of player who loves jumping a lot, then you would need a backup pistol that can easily be carried up and down.

As a hard-core player, you have no option but to go for modern-day or newly-invented markers that are known for their sophisticated and state-of-the-art shooting potentials.

As a newbie or inexperienced player, you are expected to be very conversant with your game modes and the markers that are supported by your local field. Guns like the Tippmann A5, Cronus or Spyder MR100 is recommended to players who are yet to master the use of markers to a great effect.

Woodsball Vs Speedball Guns: Which One To Choose?

As mentioned earlier, your level of experience and your playing style plays a huge role in determining the type of game to choose. We won’t categorically tell you which one is better; instead, we will let you know why each of the two options is best for you.

Woodsball is a field combat that entails playing your game in-between trees using paintball gun which features great shooting accuracy. In this version of the game, experienced players will require markers like the US Army Alpha Elite or Project Salvo to conquer their enemies.

As for newcomers and low salary earners, Tippmann 98 Custom is largely advisable as it is affordable, accurate, and easy to use. You might need to extend its barrel, stock, and red dot sight for more accurate range, durability, and reliability.


For players who don’t love taking cover beside trees, speedball might likely be the best for your style. Speedball is a mode that doesn’t lay many emphases on the accuracy; instead, it requires you to shoot as quickly as possible.

In this part of the game, markers like Empire Mini, Empire Axe, and Dye Proto rail are largely recommended. This is because they possess adjustable fire mode and compact design which guarantees you angle to shoot at the enemy even when you stay in cover.

Best Guns For RecBall And Mislim Paintball

To be a successful RecBall —indoors with bunkers and structures— player, you are required to possess very compact and stocky guns as you will need to maintain stability whenever you find yourself in tight corners.

Therefore, guns like the Chronus, X7 Phenom, or the Tippmann 98 Custom are all recommended depending on your financial capacity. The good side of the RecBall game is that newbie can perform like a pro, especially if you know how to explore any of the recommended guns.

As for Mislim players, the tactical aspect of the game requires you to make use of real-looking sturdy guns such as the Project Salvo or US Army Alpha Black which portray long barrels.

You are also expected to be a highly skilled professional player to win. Although, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try as an amateur because the more you play, the faster you would become an undefeated legend.

Mechanical or Electronic Paintball Guns: Which One to Choose?

It is important to know that you have just two available options whenever you are going for a paintball gun— it’s either you choose an electro-pneumatic one or a mechanical firing system.

Electronic paintball guns do not consume many propellers because they make use of a 9v battery while shooting. Unlike electronic guns, mechanical guns make use of gas to fire which definitely leads to consumption of many propellers.

Another advantage that electronic marker has over its mechanical counterpart is that its electronic trigger systems give room for automatic firing modes which often leads to an increase in the speed and accuracy of single-shot firing. The A5 and X7 e-Grip guns fall into this category.

Speaking of mechanical gun’s advantages over its electronic counterpart, it’s cheaper, easier to use, and extremely easy to maintain as it can be disassembled for proper cleaning.

Beginners won’t be faced with the difficulty attached to switching on the trigger system and other electrical elements present in electronic markers.

In short, beginners with zero experience are advised to go for mechanical guns until they gain little experience on how to perfectly handle a gun.

Advice: Avoid Cheap Paintball Gear And Always Put On Your Mask!

Do not fall into the temptation of going for cheap paintball guns as they might develop great faults in the nearest future.

There are many less-quality and cheap guns out there that don’t worth the money you spend on them. Therefore, you are advised to avoid the cheapest guns in the market. You should easily go for any of the discussed guns to avoid buying substandard models.

Always be on your mask while playing all of the games we’ve mentioned. This will go a long way in protecting your vision, nose, and other sensitive parts of your face. The fact that paintball is an action game makes it more important to wear your mask and other protective gears whenever you step into the field of play.

Get the best gun; choose a perfect playing field; take on your enemies; improve your tactical approach to every game, and become the undisputed champion! Have fun and play safe.

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